UROLOGY HEALTH SPECIALISTS, LLC (Urology Health) specializes in the treatment of diseases and disorders related to urinary tracts of both men and women.


Experience and expertise has made Urology Health one of the Philadelphia areas’ premier urology practices.  Our board certified physicians provide the finest care available and strive for the best outcome possible.  Urology Health is comprised of urologists (many who are fellowship trained and have advanced specialty training in robotics, infertility, and incontinence), pathologists, radiation oncologists and nurse practitioners.


Urology Health provides a full service approach to the treatment of urologic conditions.  We use state-of-the-art technology and advanced treatment techniques to offer each patient the highest quality care.  Each year Urology Health sees over 14,000 new patients and provides continued care to over 54,000 men and women.


Each day we look forward to providing effective solutions
that help our patients
"choose wisely and live healthy".


PROSTATE CANCER CARE                                       


Urology Health has teamed up with Fox Chase Radiation Oncology Associates to provide state-of-the-art prostate cancer treatment.  Our Urology Health Prostate Cancer Center is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer in a warm, friendly environment.  With a focus on individualized care, our urologists, pathologists and radiation oncologists work with patients and their primary care physicians to develop an individualized treatment plan.  Since opening in 2010, our Prostate Cancer Center has provided radiation therapy to over 360 men diagnosed with prostate cancer, and is being recognized for its unique approach to prostate cancer management.



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What You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer Screening

by Thomas F. Lanchoney, MD